Akhil J. Khosla, MD

— Medical DirectoR

Akhil J. Khosla, MD is a licensed Emergency Medicine Physician in Houston, Texas. Dr. Khosla graduated from Texas Tech University’s School of Medicine and completed his Emergency Medicine Residency at Houston’s McGovern School of Medicine. Through his years of training and practice, Dr. Khosla also trained under multiple different facial-plastic surgeons and has a passion and experience in new advancements in medical aesthetics. Dr. Khosla is currently working in the community and as a staff physician for McGovern School of Medicine. Dr. Khosla met Sandra and Sarah in the Emergency Room in which they all worked! With a background in business, and coming into contact with nurses passionate about beauty, it wasn’t before long that Sculpt Medical Spa was born.


Sandra Palacio, BSN, RN

— Nurse Injector

Sandra Palacio is a Registered Nurse in Texas and a Native Houstonian. She received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing at Houston Baptist University and spent her early nursing years working in the Emergency Department. Her passion for beauty led to the founding of The Microblade Nurse, LLC in November 2017. After a successful start, Sandra began to work towards integrating her passion for beauty and aesthetics with her nursing education. This led to her becoming a Certified Nurse Injector in the state of Texas and the co-founding of Sculpt Medical Spa. Sandra enjoys building relationships with other small business owners and collaborating with members of her community.


Sarah Patranella, BSN, RN

— Nurse Injector

Sarah was born and raised in Houston, Texas and is a Registered Nurse in her home state. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Sarah began her nursing career as a staff nurse in the Emergency Department, where she met Sandra and a bond was formed through their adoration for art and cosmetics. Sarah’s passion for beauty was ignited during her mentorship by Sandra in becoming a Microblading Artist at The Microblade Nurse. Her journey in the world of Medical Aesthetic led to her involvement in the co-founding of Sculpt Medical Spa in May 2019. Sarah loves staying up-to-date on the most effective non-surgical cosmetic treatments available and is excited to bring expertise to her patients.